Invest in Academics: $3 Million

Providing academic programming that meets changing student and employer needs, workforce requirements and technological advances, and prepares our student to succeed in a global economy.

Smart Classroom:  $500,000

To meet the requirements of an increasingly high-tech world, HFC is taking a giant step forward in providing smart classrooms. Students can practice using the technologies currently employed in the workplace. We will create classrooms and laboratories that will be technologically enriched with state-of-the-art equipment. These classes will allow students to learn through the latest innovations and connect to other locations globally.

Program Development Fund:  $1,000,000

HFC has a long legacy of effective partnership with local industry in the identification of current and emerging program development and workforce training needs. We will expand our cutting-edge programs, classes and venues for training in manufacturing, science, technology, engineering, math, healthcare and business to directly address the most pressing needs of our local businesses.

Center for Global Impact:  $1,500,000

The HFC Center for Global Impact would be the first of its kind in Michigan. Our diverse student population has made us an educational leader in fostering diversity, tolerance and understanding needed to succeed in a thriving global society. Located at a community college with one of the most diverse student populations in Michigan, our new Center for Global Impact will be the first of its kind to capitalize and promote the skills required for success in a global society.

By utilizing the teaching and research experience of HFC faculty members, the Center for Global Impact will provide classroom activities and instruction aimed at providing students, business and community leaders with the necessary understanding of the issues and challenges facing international relations, economies and business.

Invest in the Future of Your Community

Together we will meet the needs of the future today!