Invest in the Community: $9 Million

Partnering with leading community organizations and industry to meet the challenges of the 21st century by providing all students with innovative, effective and relevant programming that is uniquely responsive to the needs of business and industry.

Workforce Development Center:  $1,500,000

HFC specializes in customized workforce development training for business and industry to help our community address growing workforce needs. We will develop enhanced continuing education programs that align with rapidly changing workforce skills, provide continuing education programs needed by business and industry and help our students develop entrepreneurial skills needed to create a vibrant business community.

Future Opportunity Fund:  $1,500,000

We strive to provide students with innovative programming tools to shape a better future. This requires being highly responsive to identifying and developing curriculum and skill-building programs in response to changing workforce requirements and technological advances. We will create a fund that allows us to quickly update course requirements and content so that students leaving our college have the knowledge and skills necessary to meet marketplace needs.

Tech Center Renovation:  $6,000,000

We will remodel our Tech Center to provide students with access to advanced learning facilities, technology and laboratories with everything from electronic systems technology and computer networking to hardware and software to support data analytics, computer science, web and mobile application development, digital media and imaging
and web design.

henry ford automotive student

Invest in the Future of Your Community

Together we will meet the needs of the future today!