Invest in Students: $8 Million

Developing additional student resources and programs to meet the specific financial, academic and professional needs of students and prepare them to be valuable employees in Michigan’s future.

Scholarships:  $1,000,000

HFC scholarships represent future possibilities for students across a broad diversity of backgrounds and with limited means. To assist as many students as possible, we will broaden scholarship opportunities through need-based and endowed scholarships targeted to specific requirements and areas of study.

Early College Experience:  $500,000

HFC is a state leader in providing high school students with a jumpstart on health and manufacturing careers. This innovative educational experience allows local students the opportunity to earn college credits and/or an associate degree while completing high school. We will expand our dual enrollment and partnership programs to allow more deserving students the opportunity to earn college credits for high-demand areas while still in high school.

Career Camp:  $500,000

Too many students fall out of the education pipeline long before college because they have no idea of the potential benefits that await them. Many students benefit annually by attending our career camp. This helps them better understand career options and master the tools for academic and personal success earlier in their lives and careers. We will increase our summer on-campus programs to allow students of various grades to explore future career opportunities and obtain hands-on preparation for future careers.

Student Success Center:  $6,000,000

Our current library is outdated for today’s research and learning needs. Our objective is to create a comprehensive active learning center that includes learning resources, student support programs and key technology. We will provide our students with access to cutting-edge academic support services in a single location where they can conduct research, obtain reference and tutorial assistance, write papers, tabulate data, develop e-portfolios and collaborate in small groups on multimedia projects.

henry ford student and instructor
Henry Ford student success girls

Invest in the Future of Your Community

Together we will meet the needs of the future today!