Our Legacy

Our legacy began with the opening of Henry Ford Trade School in 1916.

Founded by Henry Ford, the non-profit school gave underprivileged young men the opportunity to earn a living while learning a trade that could support them and their families in the long term.

As planned, the Trade School provided Ford Motor Company with trained draftsmen and technicians. The school started with just six students and one instructor, but by 1931 there were 135 faculty members teaching 2,800 students. The campus was also equipped with modern shop equipment to help students gain the latest technical skills while studying a demanding academic curriculum.

During its 35 years, the Henry Ford Trade School graduated more than 8,000 students. In 1952, it merged with Dearborn Junior College to become Henry Ford College. The College continues to maintain the core values of the Henry Ford Trade School and our namesake and founder.

We believe it is critical to keep an education affordable while providing our students with skills for long-term professional success. We know partnering with businesses to respond to their workforce needs ensures mutual success for them and our students. We are dedicated to providing a rigorous education combined with the technical acumen needed for students to thrive. HFC is committed to providing state-of-the-art equipment so that our students are competitive from their first day on the job. It is Our Legacy and Our Future.

Our Initiatives

With this campaign, we are challenging ourselves and our community to map an ambitious course forward – one that builds upon the essential strengths of our college and our community, and directs our efforts and investments toward the areas where we can have the greatest impact.

Henry Ford Vintage Trucks and Students

Invest in the Future of Your Community

Together we will meet the needs of the future today!